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The membership Welcome Letter and ARES application have been updated to better reflect
requirements for obtaining the Spokane County ID card.

PLEASE NOTE:  We now have a Groups.io site for ARES - RACES members.
You may have to set up your password for total access.

Weather Spotting is an integral part of Emergency Services.  Most local larger scale emergencies are due to changes in the environment around us; ice-storms, flooding, winds, fires, etc.  The Spokane County ARES - RACES groups have many members who also are qualifed in Weather Spotting which assists the National Weather Service (NWS) in building more accurate weather-picture of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho.  These Amateur radio operators receive simple training from the NWS either in person at a public session, or via an on-line course.  The training consists of helping people learn the differences in weather conditions, what to look for, and how to accurately report it to the NWS.

Being a Weather Spotter is not a requirement to be a member of ARES - RACES, but it is encouraged.

Click here for more information on Weather Spotter Training.

Go directly to the On-Line Training.

More Information on SKYWARN.

Report Severe Weather conditions to the NWS using their facebook page.


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